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ADWhatsApp APK offers premium features such as disabling message forwarding, hiding chat and call options, auto-reply functionality, freezing last seen status, customizing the main menu bar, message scheduling, using custom themes, UI customization, hiding media from the gallery, voice-changing, privacy options, and more.
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ADWhatsApp APK latest version  is an Improved version of the  most Popular messaging app  whatsApp . It offers users Premium features  and customization Options beyond  what the Original version of app Provides . With ADWhatsApp , you can  easily Disable message forwarding , Automatically reply to messages , and  hide Call and chat options  for increased Privacy . It also allows you  to Freeze your last seen Status , run two Separate accounts , and  Change the app’s appearance  with Custom themes . ADWhatsApp APK provides Premium features  like Message scheduling , hiding Media from the gallery , UI customization , and  Voice-changing . It aims to Improve  your messaging experience  by giving you Additional control and  personalization Options.

The app also offers  extra Privacy features such as  The ability to hide Online status , blue ticks , and  Second ticks , Providing users  with better Control over  their chats’ Privacy . It supports Flexible groups  and exchanges , Allowing for more members  and Participants in group Conversations . ADWhatsApp APK updated version also supports Multiple languages , Allowing users to use  the Chat application in their Desired language  and facilitating Communication across different Countries.

Overall , AD WhatsApp APK latest version of App  offers users a wide range of Premium features  and customization Options , improving Their messaging experience  beyond What is available in The regular WhatsApp Application.

ADWhatsapp APK

ADWhatsapp APK Features

ADWhatsApp APK latest version  Offers a wide range of Premium features  and customization Options compared  to the Original  WhatsApp App . Some of the Important features  of ADWhatsApp APK include:-

  • Disable message forwarding:-

This feature of AD WhatsApp APK, Prevent others from  forwarding The messages you’ve Sent .

  • Auto-reply when Swiping :-

Automatically send a pre-defined Response  when you swipe a Message .

  • Hide chat and call Options :-

Hide chat and call Options  from the app menu for Improved privacy .

  • Freeze last seen Status :-

In ADWhatsapp APKs updated,  Freeze your last seen Status  so others cannot see  When you were last Online .

  • Two account options :-

Run two separate Accounts  on the Same device for easy Switching  between different  WhatsApp App accounts.

  • Change the main menu bar Color and style :-

Personalize the look of the App  by changing the Style and color  of the Main menu bar.

  • Custom themes :-

Download and use custom Themesto further Customize the Amazing look of the Application .

  • Trendy stickers :-

Access trendy Stickers  that also can be Used in chats .

  • No Forward tag :-

Turn off the Forward tag displayed  When you forward a message to Someone .

  • Message scheduler :-

Schedule messages in Advance and set the time for Delivery to one  or several Contacts .

  • UI customization :-

Customize the user Interface  by adjusting the Colors of elements , their Positions , and  hiding Items if preferred.

  • Hide media from Gallery :-

Choose whether to Show your media files  in the Gallery or not .

  • Voice-changing option :-

Adjust the tone of your Voice  when recording an Audio message .

  • Customize header name :-

Change the name of ADWhatsApp APK Pro  in the Header and write your  Own name in its place.

  • Hide modes :-

Different hide modes  to Keep your chats confidential, Including hiding  your online Status , blue ticks , and  Second ticks.

  • Expand groups and Exchanges :-

Add extra members to your Group chats  and have more People involved  in the Conversation .

  • Different languages :-

Supports different languages  for Comfortable communication across different Countries .

  • Ban proof :-

ADWhatsApp APK Premium have an Anti-ban unit  to Protect users from being banned  by The official  whatsApp form using a Modified version of App. Apklite , Ocean Of Games, Apkshub , Postegro Indir APK , Hileli Oyunlari Hilelerim APK , Modgame , Gamehub , Apkrey , Apkzub , Apkgstore ,  Apkvision , Apkrabi , Modgila .

  • Additional options :-

Forward messages to  More than 5 individuals at a Time , delete messages Sent to  the  other party after Sending , group Messaging , notification of Who viewed  your Status , displaying messages Sent to  the group for each Member , Mention feature  from the home Screen , and more.

These features Provide users  with additional functionality , Customization , and privacy Options for their messaging Experience . You can Easily free download ADWhatsApp APK latest version black Theme from APKZUBE.

ADWhatsapp APK


In conclusion , ADWhatsApp APK is a  Special version of  WhatsApp app  that Offers Premium features and Customization options beyond  What the original app Provides . It allows Users to personalize  their Messaging experience with Premium features  like Auto-reply functionality , Disabling message forwarding , and hiding Chat and call options  for Improved privacy . The app also Offers  the ability to freeze your Last seen status , Run two separate accounts , and  Customize the appearance of the App  with custom Themes . ADWhatsApp APKs includes extra features  like Message scheduling , UI customization , hiding Media  from the gallery , and  even Voice-changing options.




Q :-  What is  ADWhatsApp APK?


 A :- ADWhatsApp APK is a enhanced version  of the Original WhatsApp app  that offers Premium features and customization options.

Q :-  What are some of  the Premium features of ADWhatsApp APK?


A :- ADWhatsApp APK offers Premium features  such as disabling Message forwarding , hiding chat and Call options , Auto-reply functionality , freezing last seen Status , Customizing the main menu bar , Message scheduling , using custom Themes , UI customization , hiding Media from the gallery , Voice-changing , Privacy options , and  more .

Q :- Is ADWhatsApp APK  Available for iOS devices?


A :- No , AD WhatsApp APK is Specifically designed  for Android devices and is not available for iOS devices  Such as iPhones or iPads .

Q :- Does ADWhatsApp APK have  an Anti-ban feature?


A :- Yes , AD WhatsApp APK has an Anti-ban feature to complete Protect users  from being banned by the Official  WhatsApp App  for using a Modified version .

Q :- Can I backup my data  While switching to ADWhatsApp APK?


A :- Yes , before uninstalling the Original  whatsApp App , AD WhatsApp APK will Back up all your data , Media , and conversations. So that you don’t lose  any important Information.

Q :- Is ADWhatsApp APK Available  on the Google Play Store?


A :- No , ADWhatsApp APK is not Available  on the Google Play Store . It can be downloaded free of Cost  from various websites such as  that provide Modified APK files.

Q :- Can I use ADWhatsApp APK to communicate  with Users of the original WhatsApp app?


A :- Yes , AD WhatsApp APK can normally Communicate  with users of the Original whatsApp App.

Q :- Can I use ADWhatsApp APK  to make Voice and video calls?


A :- Yes , ADWhatsApp APK keeps  the Basic functionality of the original WhatsApp App , Including the ability  to make Voice and video calls . You can use AD WhatsApp APK to communicate  with Contacts through voice and video Calls , similar to the official WhatsApp app.

Q :- Does ADWhatsApp APK have  end-to-end Encryption for messages?


A :- ADWhatsApp APK is based on  the Original  WhatsApp App ,  Which includes end-to-end encryption  for Messages . This means that Messages sent  and received through AD WhatsApp APK , like the Official WhatsApp app , are Encrypted and can only be viewed  by the Intended recipients.



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